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Newbold Gifts in Rhinelander, Wisconsin features Wood turnings such as wood bowls,vases and boxes that illustrate a Northwoods influence in hand crafts and wood arts by artist and craftsman Tom Cameron.

Newbold Gifts in Rhinelander, Wisconsin features: Lathe turned bowls, woodturning, decorative plates, hand crafted jewelry, decorative ceramic tiles, Pine cone Buzzards, band saw boxes, Pot Bellys collectable boxes, original unique handcrafted gifts. Each wood lathe turning or art piece is one of a kind and subject to prior sale. However, we are constantly updating this page with new and current pieces so please come back often to see the new artwork.

Tom Cameron has been in the handcraft and gift business for over 38 years. He prides himself in displaying original items not found in other Northwoods gift shops. There are fascinating handmade goods from artisans all over the world and many of Tom's own creations, all at reasonable prices.

"I have been privileged to make my living as an artist and a craftsman since 1971. It's still is a thrill for me to sell something that I had a hand in designing and creating. It is also a privilege for me to show other excitingly different and unique work from artisans throughout the world. I studied Architecture at the University of Illinois. It was there where I realized how important the design aspect is to a work of art in addition to the skill of the craftsperson creating the piece. I like to work in many materials such as leather, wood, metal and stone. Then I transform them with tools and disciplines as varied as lathe work, sewing machines, torch work and lapidary.

I have moved to the Northwoods and the beauty of the country inspires me daily. It encourages me to hone my craftsmanship skills and acquire new ones. Please come and visit my store and workshop (Newbold Gifts) if you are in the Rhinelander, Wisconsin area.

I hope you enjoy the presentation of our featured items on this web site and come back often. I am constantly updating the web site as we produce and acquire new pieces. If you will be so kind, please add this site to your favorites and recommend this site to your friends."

Newbold Gifts

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