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 Here are some links that I hope you will find interesting: 

 Wisconsin Gifts from Wisconsin Common Market

 Come join the fun in Rhinelander, Wisconsin!

 Tom Van Eynde: Portfolio

 Panoramic photos of Egypt. Tom Van Eynde: Thebes Photographic Project

 Van Eynde Arts Documentation

 Metal sculpture out of recycled items

 20th century figure sculpture

The Indian Summer Festival offers a fun and entertaining way to experience the diversity of both traditional and contemporary American Indian culture.

 Madeline Arts; website guru

 Welcome to My World of Segmented Projects<A HREF="" TARGET="_blank"><IMG SRC="ECGlinklogo_sm.gif" WIDTH="166" HEIGHT="38" BORDER="0" ALT="EC Gallery Handmade Art + Craft"></A>

Join the craze and cast your vote to rank Newbold Gifts.;id=61;prvw

 Providing the community with a warm, peaceful and safe environment in which to embody the ancient art and science of Yoga.

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