------Raku Art------

 colors will vary with every individual piece 

#939 M Panda   #939 S Panda

3¾"H x 4¾"L    2¼"H x 3½"L

$28           $24


#920 M Chameleon

2¾"H x 6½"L


#909 Zebra S

6"H x 7"L


#964 M Seal

3½"H x 7½"L


#916 L Bush Baby

2½"H x 6¼"L


#925 M Gecko

1"H x 7"L


#856 Cheshire Cat - lying

4"H x 5½"L


#936 S Snail

1½"H x 4"L




Hand Made and

Hand Decorated

Each piece is signed by the artist.

Country of origin:

South Africa.


The ancient Japanese method of Raku ceramic finishing beautifies these unique hand crafted African inspired pieces of pottery art.

At the final stage of creation each piece is removed from the kiln at 900°C and placed in a sawdust cradle. The glaze crazes and crackles from the smoldering sawdust. This dramatic and unpredictable process yields a unique piece each time.  It is the essence and excitement of RakuArt glazing.

 It is usually a little difficult to buy artwork from a small picture on the internet so if you are interested in a detailed 

 (meaning a big file download) picture of any of these pieces I will be happy to e-mail it to you if you e-mail a request to me: 


 As always, if you are not happy with any piece you order you may return it to me within 

10 days for  a full refund of the purchase  price.

 Shipping and delivery cannot be refunded. 

  Tom Cameron    

 Please call 1.715.362.9115 (daytime) for order information 

 or mail us check/money order/cashier's check to: 


 4597 Rosemary Lane 

 Rhinelander, WI 54501 

 or e-mail at: newboldgifts@charter.net for information. 

 Shipping and delivery (ground) is $6.50 per piece.  Shipping currently to USA only. 

 Wisconsin residents add 5.5% sales tax. 

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